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Girl on film? by Caelia Corse

Recently my fiancé and I made the decision to hire a videographer for our wedding day. As with any major wedding decisions (made during a recession!) we weighed the pros against the cost. The fact that I really want my future children to one day have the opportunity to laugh at Dad’s hair won out.

Seriously though, there is something about having the happiest day of our lives documented in a way we can relive at the push of a button that really appeals to me. We will have this video for life – or at least as long as DVD players live. When we’re old and grey it will remind us of our young love. If we hit tough times we can look to it and smile…

Are you tossing up whether to add videography to your wedding budget? These tips from Catherine Anselmi, from leading Sydney wedding videography company Vogue Video may help…

Why would you recommend hiring a videographer for your wedding?

Catherine: Video is the only way to have a recording of your vows to one another – it is important for you to remember what you said and for your children to see your vows. It is also a record of your family and friends at that point in your life. Your children may not get to meet all of the more elderly members of your family – this way can feel they know them.

What are the most common wedding day events people like to have on film?

Catherine: Obviously the Ceremony is the most captured part of the day and it is very rare to not capture the Bride’s Preparation with this. Then I would say the Photo Shoot – this may sound strange as you have the photographer for this part but the video captures the interaction between people, the laughter, the love and the bonding that is between your closest family and friends. Next I would say the formalities at the Reception – your entrance to the Reception as man and wife, the Speeches, Cutting of the Cake and the Bridal Waltz. Reasonably often people finish their coverage after the Bridal Waltz. Some couples also include the Farewells with the couple leaving for their first night together as man and wife and the Groom’s Preparation

What’s your best advice for someone on a budget who wants to hire a videographer?

Catherine: Do a small single camera shoot of your preparation and ceremony for six hrs. This usually manages to capture most of your family and friends either arriving at the Ceremony or after it, plus some of the photos being conducted at the venue where the Ceremony is held.

Did you video your wedding? Was it worth the spend? Let me know…

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