Why Wedding Videos Are Important

Catherine Anselmi, our Director, has a Master's Degree from the College of Fine Arts, and an extensive background in the film industry. Catherine personally oversees the art direction of your wedding photography and videography. "I see my client's weddings as a theatre piece to be recorded with great sensitivity and attention to detail."

Why choose a professional wedding video producer?

When you get down to the 'bare bones'; of it, what is your wedding day really all about? Think about it ... no matter what religion you are (or not), it is really all about just one thing. Your wedding day is about publicly making promises to the one you love, everything else is just decoration. Nice, expensive, stylish decorations, but decorations all the same.

A professional videographer is the only one who can capture those all-important vows for you to relive forever, including the look in your partner's eye as they professed to the world their undying love for you. The joy of watching your wedding video is that you can see the real emotion and hear what was said and how it was said in the moment.

Re-live your wedding day on video

We once saw a groom stand up for his speech and give a 'tip'; to the not-yet-married guests. He said, "Your wedding day is surreal. You just float along in this surreal day." It's so true, your wedding day starts to become blurry even before it's finished (and we don't mean due to alcohol).

Photographs are a fantastic way of recording the events of the day and traditionally this is how people remembered their weddings. However, photographs only tell half of the story. They miss the cheer of your guests as you're announced 'husband and wife'. They miss the heartfelt speech by one of the bridal party members. They miss the music that you danced to and they miss the frantic rush of women for the tossed bouquet. Only video can capture all this and more.

'But my Uncle's got a good video camera; why not have him film it?' This is the main reason wedding videos have such a bad rap. Have you ever been to someone's place and they've shown you home movies. Boring, eh? Well, wedding videos shot by amateurs end up looking like amateur videos or worse still, home movies.

Consider the sound recording

The video equipment and its use is only part of the story. What about the equipment and expertise used to capture the sound? This is one of the most important and difficult tasks facing the video producer. There are shotgun microphones, DAT tapes, radio microphones, minidisc recorders, boom microphones, mpeg recorders and lapel microphones, just to name a few. Ensure you listen to the quality of the sound recordings of previous productions before agreeing to hire a videographer.

And don't forget the editing

From a two-camera shoot, there can typically be from 6 to 10 hours of footage. This needs to be condensed in to a production that is concise and entertaining while also containing all the highlights of your day.

We believe 90 minutes to 120 minutes is a good length for a wedding video. All the most important parts, like walking down the aisle, the vows, the kiss, and the tossing of the bouquet and frilly lace garter at your friends, etcetera can be shown in this timeframe. It has been known for some ceremonies (and even speeches!) go for more than an hour and this would require a longer edit. However, we do insert chapter menus so you can choose which parts you want to watch and when.

In Summary

There are only two wedding services than can last the whole day and leave you with products that continue to be used after your wedding. These are photography and video. However, only a professional wedding video producer can capture more than just the moment. They can capture the sounds, action and emotion of your wedding day, before editing and authoring your story to DVD for you, your family and friends to enjoy whenever you like.

Getting a 'friend' to film your wedding is like trying to photograph your ceremony with a disposable camera. You may get a couple of okay shots, but no album. Even if your 'friend' is a good camera operator there's still the sound recording, editing and DVD authoring that they must be proficient in before you can be assured of a production you worthy of your wedding.

Why Wedding Video
Why Wedding Video